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A vacation hide away for a client ready to escape the hustle and bustle of San Francisco.  This seasonal house takes you back to a time when Butterfly roofs and Surf Music was all the rage in California. A truly modern take on an iconic California style. Living room corner blown out to take advantage of those Equinox Sunset views. The deserty earth tones flood the interior creating a desert oasis.

Corner View Back Night 1_2023-01-21-14-24-08.png
From Portfolio 20240320 Spread 16.png
From Portfolio 20240320 Spread 18.png
Living Room 1 pt2_2023-03-21-10-48-43.png
Interior Dining 1_2023-01-21-14-24-08.png
Kitchen Corner2_2023-03-21-10-48-43.png
Kitchen 2.png
Kitchen 1.png
Shower View Front 1_2023-01-21-14-24-08.png
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